About Me

HOW IT ALL STARTED: I have ALWAYS been a busy body! Since Elementary School, I have always been involved in some type of activity whether it was dance, fashion design, music, sports, etc. I NEVER have and NEVER will like to be bored. So that's how this blog started... out of my fear of boredom one summer day when I had nothing to do. I finally decided to act on what everyone had been telling me to do because I am always asked about tips in regards to beauty and fashion. What started off as just something to do for fun, has turned into a passion to share my ideas and knowledge with the rest of the world.

ABOUT ME: I am a 20 summin' Alum from Howard University with a background in Classical Civilization and I also possess a degree in Bio-Technology from STLCC-Danforth Center and now pursing my Ph.D in Clinical Psychology and a specialty in I/O Psychology as well. I am a busy body and in my spare time I am a Trained Dancer, Model, Foodie, Gym Addict, Volunteer for different non-profit organizations, Writer, Singer, Musician, Martial Artist, Advocate, along with a host of other hats I wear (what can I say, I'm an Aquarius!)

My goal is to give you beautiful people informational content that you can use throughout your day and spread to others.

Midwest Bred.... Southern Living!

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