Monday, July 16, 2012

Healthy Habits 101: The Color Wheel

Over the past several years, healthy eating habits have seemed to turn into this intricate "follow the leader" type of trend. What was once as simple as just following the food chart has grown into a fad of keeping up with the latest celebrity diets, Ancient Chinese eating rituals and even the popular "lemon" diet. Healthy eating DOES NOT have to be difficult and you shouldn't have to stress yourself out with keeping up with the latest diets. Honestly, you don't even have to diet to maintain a healthy eating regimen! 

I don't diet at all, I just make sure that the foods I love to eat are portioned out and try not to go heavy on the seasoning. I also follow the fruit and vegetable color wheel which is a variety of all of the different colors you can get and one of THEE best health benefits. Each different color fruit and vegetables contains unique health components that are essential to our health.

So this is when the Bio. degree kicks in lol...
RED:  Contain nutrients like lycopene, ellagic acid and Quercetin to name a few. These nutrients reduce the risk of prostate cancer, lower blood pressure, reduce tumor growth and LDL Cholesterol levels.  

ORANGE and YELLOW: Contain  beta- carotene, flavonoids, potassium, and vitamin C. These nutrients reduce age-related macula degeneration and the risk of prostate cancer, lower LDL cholesterol and blood pressure, promote collagen formation and healthy joints and work with magnesium and calcium to build healthy bones.

GREEN: Contain chlorophyll, fiber, lutein, zeaxanthin, calcium, folate, vitamin C, calcium, and Beta-carotene. The nutrients found in these vegetables reduce cancer risks, lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels, normalize digestion time, support retinal health and vision, fight harmful free-radicals, and boost immune system activity.

BLUE and PURPLE: Contain nutrients including lutein, vitamin C, fiber, flavonoids, ellagic acid, and quercetin. These nutrients support retinal health, lower LDL cholesterol, boost immune system activity, support healthy digestion, improve calcium and other mineral absorption, fight inflammation, reduce tumor growth, act as an anticarcinogens in the digestive tract and limit the activity of cancer cells.

WHITE: Contain nutrients such as beta-glucans, and lignans providing immune boosting activity. These nutrients also activate natural killer B and T cells, reduce the risk of colon, breast, and prostate cancers and balance hormone levels.

Below is a list of popular fruits and veggies that you can try :-) 

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