Monday, July 30, 2012

OOTD: Corporate Cutie

Gone are the days of penny loafers, over sized pants and solid neutral 80's/90's inspired skirt suits! In today's Corporate world, woman are taking more risks with fashion. Just like color can brighten up one's day, color is also the new "IT" factor and if done right, you can transform your boring work blacks, browns and creams into bold AND tasteful work attire.

I took a neutral tan/brownish pencil skirt (Macy's) and added pops of color with a royal blue vintage top (thrift store), pink belt (thrift store) a pink/gold necklace (Bakers) with nude pumps(ALDO) and got rave reviews from the co-workers and management (Tehehe :-)

Dressing too fashion forward was once frown upon because work was supposed to be a place of business, not a Fashion Show. But I believe you shouldn't have to be limited to the same color schemes and clothing options because you can make your outfits look good without drawing too much attention to yourself. It also depends on the type of company or business market your in....
If you work in Fashion, Marketing, Public Relations or any related field,  I say the Bold, the Better. If you are in a more traditional work environment, sticking with more darker colors (reds, blues, greens) or light pastel colors will be your best friend (and not make your boss mad.)

Check out some of my picks for the work week!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bakers Shoes Spring 2012 Lookbook Campaign!!

IT'S OUT!!! 

I had the opportunity of getting booked for Bakers Spring Campaign and it was such a wonderful experience. I had a chance to work with the amazing Bakers team, Paul Mitchell Salon and the talented Attilio D’Agostino of Alive Magazine.

You can view the entire look book here...

Check out the pictures!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

3rd annual "Christmas in July" event!

The National Academy of Beauty Arts is having their 3rd annual "Christmas in July" charity donation event. They are looking for new or gently used...

Toys & Books
Clothing (every age)
Non-perishable food items
Baby food/formula
Baby Supplies (diapers, powder, lotion, etc)
Kitchen items

You can present your donations Tues- Thurs (8:30-10pm,) Fri (8:30-5pm) or Sat. (8:00-4:30pm) from July 16th- August 3rd

For donating, they are giving a 50% discount on any 1 service for every donation you make (limit10 coupons per person) valid Tues-Fri July 16th- August 17th.

This is a great way to give back to the community and receive a deal on your beauty and hair services :-)

For more info...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Ceaira Jackson (Ex. Chef of SOHO)

Ceaira Jackson, Executive Chef

It's always so refreshing and inspiring when you can witness a friend's dreams turn into their reality! All of the hard work, preparation, restless nights and dedication taken to perfect a craft and finally seeing it pay off in such an immense way is something that should be truly honored....

Ceaira Jackson, a recent graduate of L'Ecole Culinaire, is the Executive Chef of SOHO Restaurant & Lounge in the heart of The Grove area in St. Louis. SOHO is one of the newest establishments in this area that has quickly created a massive buzz in the community. SOHO is very New York esque from it's lofty style building decor matched with neutral color schemes but plastered on the wall is everything that is "So St. Louis." SOHO is where the beautiful people are from their gorgeous staff (with exceptional customer service) to the crowd on Friday and Saturday nights. From their "finger licking" Southern inspired menu with a twist, exclusive private party rooms, rooftop patio and not to mention one of St. Louis' newest "IT" places to party, one can see why this is THEE place to be.

The KaShonna Files sat down with an exclusive interview with Ms. Jackson about her new position and let's not forget to mention.... to EAT!

Side puff w/ flat twist...

Today, I decided to do something different with my hair and try a side puff from the flat twist that I did the other night.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Product Review: Jane Carter Solution

Last week, Ms. Jane Carter of J.C.S sent me her "natural & curly hair care essential kit" to try out on my transitioning hair. First, let me start off by saying when I took my sew-in out in mid June, I thought that the 100% vegan moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that I had been using on my virgin Cambodian hair would suffice for my natural curly/coily hair. Big mistake! My hair was so dry, hard and brittle looking (not a good look at all.) So I was excited when Jane sent me these products because I've heard so many good things about them.

"Own Your Natural" hair workshop & GIVEAWAY!!

On Saturday, I attended the "Own Your Natural" hair workshop and beauty mart held at the Hilton hotel. The event featured some of the major key players in natural beauty and hair in Atlanta and St. Louis. The event workshop included guest speakers: Shalawn Willis (Lamik Beauty Consulant,) Kelli Bain (Owner and Formulation Chemist, Khemet Botanicals,) Tajuana Huges (Author/Celebrity Stylist,) Urbanbella and Design Essentials.

Pictures after the jump....

Now onto the Giveaway: I was given A LOT of swag bags (by the event coordinator) and I am giving away 3 to my lucky followers! The bag includes a 20% off coupon for JessiCurl, samples of Curls Milkshake, Lustrasilk curl pudding, Beautiful Textures Moisture whip curl cream and more!

Contest Rules...
1.) Subscribe to my blog (if you haven't already done so)
2.) Share this post on your FB page (click on the FB icon below the post)
3.) Email me at with your
     FB page link

Contest ends August 4, 2012... Good Luck!

Friday, July 20, 2012


Want healthy & shiny hair like this?

Then do this!

Crazy huh! Your probably thinking that beer couldn't possibly give you these amazing effects right? Well there are special components in beer that are better for your body than any soda (believe it or not.) When you rinse or spritz your hair with beer, its natural ingredients coat each strand lending hair nourishing benefits. In addition to B vitamins, the proteins found in malts are said to repair damaged hair and boost overall body. Meanwhile, the maltose and sucrose sugars in beer tighten the hair's cuticles for enhanced shine.                                          

Check out some homemade recipes using beer and don't worry, the smell disappears fast!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Julep Maven Beauty Box for only a PENNY!!

That's right ladies, you heard me right! Julep, a boutique nail salon is practically giving away a nail beauty box when you become a Julep Maven member. Joining is free and once you complete a style quiz, you will be matched with nail colors that fit your style.

The box originally costs $19.99 but once you enter the promo code "penny", your price will be a penny with free shipping!

*ARTIST SPOTLIGHT*: Lindsay Pattan

Lindsay Pattan is one of THEE ultimate fashionistas in the St. Louis area! She's the founder of Miss Ohio Vintage and Handmade Happy Hour, the Social Media Coordinator for Bakers Shoes Footwear Group, blogger for Bakers Shoes "Shoeternity" site, as well as a blogger for her on personal sites; M.O.V and Heartland Underdog.

The KaShonna Files sat down for an exclusive interview with Ms. Pattan at her beautiful new space to do some catching up, girl talk and find out what's been going on in her world!

Check out the interview and more photos after the jump!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Healthy Habits 101: The Color Wheel

Over the past several years, healthy eating habits have seemed to turn into this intricate "follow the leader" type of trend. What was once as simple as just following the food chart has grown into a fad of keeping up with the latest celebrity diets, Ancient Chinese eating rituals and even the popular "lemon" diet. Healthy eating DOES NOT have to be difficult and you shouldn't have to stress yourself out with keeping up with the latest diets. Honestly, you don't even have to diet to maintain a healthy eating regimen! 

Outfit of the day: !Color Block!

It’s summer, so I wanted to embrace the season by being bright and color blocking is a fun way to make a statement and stand out in the crowd!

To color block, you don’t have to necessarily buy new pieces that exhibit the trend. You can do like I did and color block with the pieces already existing in your wardrobe by combining them in a new way. In this case, the brighter the better. Be bold with combinations, trying new ones that you wouldn’t have done before :-)

Pompadour Braided Updo

So I knew the “Halo” braided hairstyle that I wore as a hair model for the RAW event wasn’t going to last long LOL. Since I’m going out with my girls tonight, I decided to undo the style and use the braided piece to add to my bun.

Fashion Nightcap: RAW: Artist Showcase!!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being featured as a Fashion Model for the amazing featured photographer Cdaniel and a Natural Hair Model for amazing superstar featured stylist Faith O for the RAW: Natural Born Artist Showcase.

If you don’t know what RAW is, it is an amazing NATIONWIDE platform (currently operating in 54 major US cities) that provides independent artist within the first 10 years of their career with the tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity. The RAW Directors hand-pick and spotlight local artistic talent in the areas of film, fashion, music, visual art, hair & makeup artistry, and performance art.

RAW St. Louis was held at the Koken Art Factory and it was so inspiring to be apart of such a wonderful and talented group of individuals who like myself, are making moves with respect to their expertise. I’m excited that my dance company, Ashleyliane Dance Company will be the feature performing artists in August!! Be sure to find out when RAW is showing in your city!

Flat iron & Style: NO relaxer, just good products!!

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a professional hairstylist!! I only know what works best for MY HAIR and I’m just sharing tips :-)

Yesterday, I got my ends trimmed and decided to wear my hair straight (the last time I wore it straight was in early June.) I didn’t trim my ends lol but I did flat iron and style my hair.

To achieve this look, I parted my hair on the side and sectioned my hair off and when I applied the flat iron, I used a fine tooth comb to guide the iron down my hair because since i’m natural, I wanted to make sure that I got it as straight as possible. As I was flat ironing, I made sure to bump my ends so that my hair was full of body and bounce and I feathered and added a flip to the right side.

At night I pin curl my hair and tie it with a silk scarf so that it lasts for at least a week.


So as I’ve stated before, I’m in the process of going natural. I’m currently in the “transition state” and trying to balance two different textures without resulting to the flat iron can be tough!!

So I opted to try my own twist on the Rapunzel braid (and it DEF looked great with my outfit last night btw :)

Free Samples: Miss Jessie’s Hair Products!!!

Miss Jessie’s is a hair care company and salon based in New York City that specializes in the care and styling of curly, kinky and wavy hair types and they are known for products that enhance and moisturize these natural hair textures. Miss Jessie’s products are raved about by thousands (including celebs like Halle Berry, Alicia Keys and Rihanna,) have won numerous awards and have been featured in top magazine publications like Essence, Elle and Marie Claire.

With that being said, Miss Jessie’s is giving customer’s (new and old) the chance to sample up to 3 of their well-known innovate products (including their famous Curly Pudding!)

You can get your samples today at

Outfit of the Day: Mocha Latte

Rarely do I get the chance to actually sit and watch a fashion show because I’m usually always in them, so today I was excited when I got invited to a Spring Trunk Show at Mark Anthony Boutique for a local fashion designer.

Outfit of the Day: Lanz Dress

I decided to wear one of my FAV dresses, a vintage ”Lanz” dress (as seen worn by Carrie in Sex and the City.) I first wore this design in a charity fashion show (pic below) and loved it so much that I searched everywhere for it until I saw it at a local vintage boutique. An original vintage Lanz dress (if you can find it) can cost you a pretty penny, but I scored this particular one for $25!!

A weekend for a Cause!

This past weekend was full of DANCE (5 performances to be exact) and I had the pleasure of performing with my dance company (Ashleyliane Dance Company.) We performed at the Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure” where we danced and cheered on the survivors and supporters and we also performed for the St. Lou Fringe Festival where we had our own 45 minute show as well as dancing backup for a local singer on her show called “The Godyssey Project.”

You can learn more about our dance company at

Check out the pics below…

Dry Itchy Scalp...?

Okay, now that we have dispelled the myth that you are supposed to grease your scalp everyday to keep it moisturized, what other alternatives are there to keep your scalp from being itchy or dry?

My scalp gets itchy from time to time and so I use Jamaican Mango & Lime “No more itch” spray and I absolutely LOVE this product! Not only does it work to prevent an itchy/dry scalp and breakage, but it also keep your roots moisturized, smells uber good and it’s mango and lime menthol formula lets you know that it is working by producing a tingling sensation.

You can get this product for about $3.99 at your local beauty supply :-)

Skin Care... How many of us have it?

Good skin care habits should be establish NOW (esp. if you are in your 20’s.) I know… I know… who’s really thinking about skin care in your 20’s? That’s the least of your concerns when you have more important things to worry about like college, work, partying with your friends, dating woes or just lounging around. Well… believe it or not, your 20’s can actually make or break your future when it comes to your skin and sorry ya’ll, soap and/or just lukewarm water is not going to help clear your skin of all of the impurities that it’s encountered in this harsh environment!!

Here is a great article(click the pic to view) that breaks down a simple skin care regimen to follow for every decade that you are blessed to see.

Having a good skin care regimen (along with eating healthy *post coming soon*) is going to carry you a long way and when your in your 60’s looking like your in your late 30’s, you’ll be glad that you put in the work :-)

“I’ll put up a post about some of the skin care products that I use soon…”

Artist Spotlights… Coming Soon!!

I’ve decided to do a segment on my blog where I spotlight different young professionals making *POSITIVE* moves in my area. It’ll give them a chance to have their businesses/expertise highlighted and my readers a chance to learn how these individuals got started and any knowledge they may have.

For July, I will be spotlighting Lindsay Pattan (Social Media Coordinator for Bakers Footwear Group and owner of Miss Ohio Vintage) and Ceaira Jackson (Executive Chef of Soho Restaurant/lounge.)


*~*FASHION SwAp*~*

Are you low on cash, but looking to update your wardrobe? Bought an item that you regret buying but can no longer take it back or exchange it? Or better yet you don’t want to pay mall prices to look FAB…???

Fashion Swaps are a GREAT way to get hot clothing and accessories for FREE (yes I said FREE!!) A fashion Swap is when you take clothing, shoes and/or accessories that you no longer have any use for and “swap” them with others. The Fashion Swaps that I’ve participated in have been held at local boutiques in my area, but that’s not to say that you can’t grab a group of friends and hold a Fashion Swap party in the comfort of your own home. TRUST ME, you won’t be disappointed if you attend one!

The above picture is all of the goodies I scored at the last swap I attended and most of the items are new. But if you happen to find something HAUTE that’s used, just wash or clean it and you’ll be good to go :)

Outfit of the Day: Spring Fling

My Outfit of the Day!! I title this one “Spring Fling” (although it’s no longer Spring… but still lol)

About this Outfit….
I got the dress at a ”Fashion Swap” (post coming soon) from a local vintage boutique called Miss Ohio Vintage. The ring and necklace also came from the swap but they were exclusively from the Bakers Shoes Showroom. The earrings are from my mother, the salmon colored chain purse is from Avon and the shoes were given to me by my aunt.

New Look

My friend Jamie B hooked me up w/ a haute natural twist up mohawk to rock. What’d u think?!
Found an amazing article by former CBS news anchor Rene Skyler who tells her story of why she decided to go “Au Natural…” Hair chemicals can be very dangerous towards your body especially when you are on medication… Another great reason to go natural :-)
Check out the link below

Found a cool website by a fashionista from Sydney, Australia who has an ebook out called “30 Hairstyles in 30 days” it shows some quick and simple fab hairstyles that you can wear day or night (on any hair texture)

Check her out by clicking on the picture!

Au Natural....

So…. I’ve decided to go COMPLETELY natural!! In the past I’ve gotten relaxers here & there to smooth out my curly coils to make my hair more manageable (like most women do) but I’m over it & want to embrace my locs!! For woman who are thinking/having a hard time with being/going natural, I found an article ( that explains some of the benefits. Like most things you do in life, you have to WORK & KEEP AT IT in order to appreciate the end results :-)


The Motto!!